I have always loved the ad campaign for Ralph Lauren’s Romance. Bruce Weber was an absolute genius in capturing the whole concept. I ripped the one above out of my mom’s Vogue and had it up on my wall all through high school. I still have it in a folder, and every now and then I take it out just to remind myself love is possible. For some reason I can’t find a larger image than that anywhere online. This is the best out of all the pictures, so I find it strange that the rest are so numerous.

This one is pretty great as well. They have Romance for Women and Romance for Men. The men’s photo series are much more aggressive and sexual, while the women’s are softer. It’s the Maxim versus Vogue thing I guess. But that’s why I like the first image I posted. It’s a combination of the two: soft and romantic because of the clothing and the way they stare into each others eyes; aggressive and sexual because of the pose they’re in. That image pretty much sums up what I want to feel like when I’m in love.

The Postal Service album Give Up sounds like what it is to be in love. The pain, the longing, the happiness, the complicated every emotion you always feel. I hadn’t listened to it in awhile, and recently Sally and I have had it playing nonstop. I forgot how much I feel when I hear it.

I don’t know what the point of this post was, except maybe I’ve been following how the people of Iran are protesting for their freedom and passion like that always makes me feel so much and it’s nice out and I wish I had someone to lay in the park with all day to talk about freedom and resistance and the world and what everything means…I’m secretly the most romantic girl in the world, but my inability to take what I feel and put it into actual words hides it well. It’s a problem, but I have faith. “True love will find you in the end.”



My grandparents. They’ve been married for 51 years, and are still in love. They toured Europe together last year, and this is from that time. My heartstrings are pulling.


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One Response to “Romance”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    I listen to that Daniel johnston song on repeat when i’m feeling the pains of unrequited love.

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