Noooo! Billy Mays is dead too!

Billy Mays, best known for being the man to promote Oxiclean and other household products, was found dead in his home this morning.

He had been on a flight from Philadelphia to Tampa that landed roughly, and after leaving the plane told paparazzi objects had fallen on his head. However, there have been no reports connecting the two incidents as none of the passengers suffered serious injuries. His wife found him unresponsive in their Florida home this morning, and doctors say he must have died sometime in the night. The family won’t be releasing any press statements over the next couple of days, so it may be a little while before we find out what got him.

billy mays

As an insomniac, I feel the pain of this death. There have been many a late-night hour I was entertained by his infomercials. After Billy Mays late-night advertising changed and became much more entertaining and interesting, and actually convinced me that hey, maybe I should order some of these products. May he rest in peace.

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One Response to “Noooo! Billy Mays is dead too!”

  1. mike Says:

    I seen him all the time on TV. Very sad.

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