The Half-Blood Prince OMGOMGOMG

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opens to the masses tonight at midnight, and fans around the world are freaking out in anticipation. As McJAWN’s resident Harry Potter nerd I’ve been readying myself for over a year now by obsessively reading the books over and over again in a continuous flow of HP madness, watching all the previous movies, checking up with sites like The Leaky Cauldron and Mugglenet, and pretty much annoying the crap out of everyone around me by talking about doing all these things and how excited I am.

I will shut up about it now, I swear!

In less than twelve hours the wait is over, and my life can go back to some sort of normality. Anyway, to celebrate this momentous occasion I’d like to provide some Master P-themed activities you all can do while you wait today.

1. Prepare your costume
I spent Saturday readying myself to become Luna Lovegood, and a few friends have spent hours getting ready to be Bellatrix Lestrange or HP himself.

Becoming Harry is pretty simple. All you need are some round glasses and to draw a lightning scar on your head. You can go all the way by wearing a Hogwarts cloak and the prep-school attire, but as of late he hasn’t been wearing a lot of that and normal clothes will work fine.

Luna is a bit more complicated. The clothes just have to be brightly-colored and slightly mismatched, but her accessories might take a couple of hours. The essentials are her Spectrespecs, cork necklace, and dirigible plum earrings. There’s a nifty how-to on the Spectrespecs at DIY Fashion. The cork necklace is quite easy. Bother your wino friends, string the cork with some needle and thread, and bam! you got a necklace. Dirigible plums don’t exist in the Muggle world, but radishes will work. You can use the real plant or take my route and make them. I used Sculpey, which is quick and sturdy. Top it off with a copy of The Quibbler and you’re set.

Embarrassing my friends

2. Listen to some Wizard Rock
Nothing can get you in the mood like rocking out to Harry and the Potters or The Hungarian Horntails. There’s a whole world of people dressing up in costume and jamming about the woes of HP and his friends. I have to admit that most of the music is pretty crappy, but it’s fun. Look up one band on myspace and you’ll find the rest. It’s a new genre of adorable weirdos and I love it.

3. Watch Wizard People, Dear Reader
Ever seen the George Washington video on youtube? That same guy, Brad Neely, is a huge HP nerd. So huge that he actually wrote an entire retelling of The Sorcerer’s Stone and recorded it as a book-on-tape to be played along with the movie. It’s probably one of the most hilarious and inventive Harry Potter fandom creations out there, and the whole thing can be watched on youtube or downloaded for free. I’ll share the first part with you all, for a little taste.

4. Harry Potter drinking game
What, you think nerds don’t like to party? Put on The Order of the Phoenix, get your Muggle booze, and drink up before the midnight showing.

someone says “you-know-who” or Voldemort
Harry and Ron are nervous about chicks
Luna says something no one else understands/believes
Harry has a weird dream
Umbridge does her “hem hem” or giggles
a new educational decree is made
someone is cursed
someone dies
an owl is in the shot
magic is used
Snape glares at/is angry with Harry

For the Supernerds:
a shot for every time the movie is inaccurate

Look at that, I’ve gotten you through the day! By midnight you’re going to be drunk, costumed, singing wizardly songs and quoting Brad Neely. Why? Because Harry Potter is worth it.

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