40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

Today marks the fortieth anniversary of the moon landing. I just watched a special on the Discovery Channel about it, and the whole thing is remarkable. I’ve never actually seen more than a few seconds of footage from that event, so this was very exciting for me.

I don’t understand why people say that we didn’t go to the moon and it’s a government conspiracy. Why would we lie about that? It’s such a fantastic thing! I think maybe that those people can’t wrap their minds around something that is so complicated and difficult to achieve, and also they have little faith in themselves and therefore have little faith in the ability of others.


We should be proud that we accomplished something so great. It’s been forty years, yes, but that event showed humanity that we can push further than anyone before and accomplish unbelievable things. Since that moment our knowledge of space exploration was brought to a whole new level that has been improving with every year. Good job, NASA. You rock.


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One Response to “40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing”

  1. Holly/_manipulate Says:

    I watched the episode of “Myth Breakers” about the moon landing reenactment last night. Conspiracy Theorists are kind of mental at times.

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