Luna Pics

This is me as Luna Lovegood.

luna 1

luna 2

luna 3

As you can see, I am the coolest person in the entire universe.



4 Responses to “Luna Pics”

  1. prayersonfire Says:

    You look amazing! I love it.

  2. Cassidy Says:

    Get over yourself!! your spectraspecs are far too big, and messy. Heres the link to my lion hat-

    • especiallykittens Says:

      I didn’t realize that having fun and being a silly fan by making a costume in a couple of hours was such serious business. Now that I’ve been shown what a REAL Luna Lovegood costume looks like I have to go kill myself. Thank you for educating me in this matter, and I hope that world is better off without my horrible, over-sized Spectrespecs and inability to take such matters with the seriousness required of them.

  3. Cassidy Says:

    Hi again I know this happened ages ago but I found it again today and was horrified. The post above was from a friend of mine posing as me (she is NUTS!!). She’s obsessed with everything Harry Potter and totally in love with my Lion hat. I’m not saying I’m not obsessed too but she takes it to another, annoying, level! I want to apologize for what she said. It makes me mad that she said something that makes me look bad. What you posted back was indeed rude and in many ways I don’t blame you but it may have been a bit much it was rather scary how much you found! Just so you know how I feel your costume, especially being thrown together its really really good. I don’t want any bad feelings.
    The real Cassidy

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