McJAWN’s Urban Outfitters installation

I decided that since I am an artist, I should post the artwork I make on here. You’d think I would have made this connection before. I’m going to tag those entries with “art portfolio”, so as to make it easier to search for my work in the future.

The following pictures are from an installation McJAWN members collaborated on last week. I did all the work with the yarn. Thanks to Sally for the pictures I stole from her blog.




That’s me in the polka dot dress. I have to mention that I’ve used yarn before and it’s become my favorite material to work with. I was able to use it as a frame for the images on the far left and right sides, to bring a a 3-D aspect to a 2-D painting on the wall, and to create an interesting floor surface that helped to tie all the objects together. That’s pretty impressive and diverse for one material.




This installation will be up at the West Philly Urban Outfitters at 36th and Sansom for the next two months, so check it out.


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