Haters Make Me Famous

Today I got an email notifying me of a comment on my Luna Lovegood Pics post. It was from a chick who not only felt compelled to tell me that my Spectrespecs “too large” and “messy”, but she also took the time to post a youtube video of her Luna Lovegood lion’s hat.

I’ll give her credit, it’s very nicely made. However, I refuse to take her criticisms because first of all, I spent maybe 30-45 minutes making those Spectrespecs, and second, she is a high schooler from La Junta, Colorado who is pretty much the weirdest thing I have ever seen:

Picture 3

You see, unlike dorky high school kids who try to be elite when it comes to enjoying Harry Potter, I just want to have fun. And when you criticize me for something I wasn’t even taking seriously, it ticks me off. And then I find out everything about you, including the fact that not only are you weird, but you’re also friends with these people:

Picture 1

I may be a huge Harry Potter fan, but I not on this creepoid level. I bet you all write fan fiction and slash together and then wonder why no one likes you. Oh wait, I’m right. Here’s a quote from Cassidy’s youtube profile:

 “I would best describe myself as Luna Lovegood I am truly unique and keep to myself the majority of the time, mainly because nearly everyone in my small,narrow-minded town thinks I am completly insane.”

You know what, if everyone in your town thinks you’re insane, it’s probably because you are. From my little experience with you I’ve learned that you’re an elitist snob who spends way too much time bragging about a stupid costume she made to people she doesn’t even know on the internet. I bet you also want to be a furry. It’s only one step away from what you’re doing now.

On a side note, Cassidy doesn’t know how to spell. Her screen name on youtube and myspace is “yournotgoingmad”. Your not going mad. YOU’RE. You ARE not going mad. YOU’RE. Have fun with that stupid screen name on everything you own.

And Cassidy..don’t get too butthurt over this post. Just remember….


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6 Responses to “Haters Make Me Famous”

  1. Lawrence Says:


  2. Lawrence Says:

    what’s a luna lovegood, or spectrespecs?

  3. especiallykittens Says:

    It’s a character from Harry Potter, and the latter are these glasses she wears. I was screwing around and decided to make a costume for the midnight premier, and then posted pictures on here.

    This random weirdo decided to insult me, so I automatically knew she was some freaky high schooler. After using my internet detective skills I discovered I was right and decided to show everyone else.

  4. especiallykittens Says:

    Also I’m adding you to my blawg roll Lawrence, you should ad me back 😀

  5. Sami Says:

    “I put on my robe and wizard hat”

  6. Holly Says:

    Hahaha… this was A+ Grace. Would read again.

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