g/boob/cat chattin’

I video gchatted for the first time this evening, and it was a fun experience. Kali was the friend, and we were closer to hanging out than we have been in awhile. She is in LA, while I am in Philly.

It started out pretty well, just normal talking/being weirded out by the youtube-like quality of the conversation.

She thinks her face is scrunchy and didn’t want me to upload this, but I think she looks adorable.

Kali is going to have her work shown in Korea, and is offically an international artist. She also makes minature kitties that will be stuffed with catnip for her kitty.

This is her kitty, Luka. He’s a snuggler and a drooler, and I miss him.

We then realized that it’s possible to have the entire conversation with the video directed at our boobs. We experimented with boob expressions and emotions, which was partially successful and entirely hilarious.

This is Kali’s view of me, as well as her view of the pictures I mailed her. She asked me not to post these online, but I think they’re too funny to hide on our computers. Note the time difference, as I am in the future and she is in the past.

Conclusion: must video gchat more. Will be taking requests from email friends.


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2 Responses to “g/boob/cat chattin’”

  1. Avalon Clare Says:

    this is hilarious and awesome. loved it!

  2. mindy Says:

    you rule

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