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Halloween Horror Movie Madness

October 13, 2009

Every October I like to watch a ton of horror movies to get in the mood for Halloween and last year I decided to give this tradition a name, complete with alliterations! We’ve only got about three weeks left until the best day of the entire year, so it’s about time to kick off the 2nd Annual Halloween Horror Movie Madness.

I’m going for a triple whammy tonight with the complete Evil Dead trilogy. The funny thing about The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 is that a lot of people like the sequel/remake a lot more than the original. I like to let the viewer decide on their own. Anyway, a lot people reading this might say, Grace you’re crazy, there were only two Evil Deads. And my reply is hells no! You can’t forget about Army of Darkness, which takes our hero Ash out of the woods and into 1300 AD with “his car, his shotgun, and his chainsaw”. Watch all three trailers and hit up your Netflix, local movie store, or favorite illegal downloading site to enjoy.

This post was brought to you by Bruce Campbell’s chainsaw.


“I Kick Ass for the Lord”

August 30, 2009

A scene from one of my favorite horror movies, Dead Alive. People just don’t spill blood and guts the same way anymore, or with such gusto.