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July 12, 2010

I haven’t updated since March! Crazy! Things have been hectic in my lil’ old life, but I’m planning on updating as frequently as I used to. Funny thing, in the time I’ve ignored this blog the number of daily visitors has tripled! If anything is a sign I need to keep this alive, that’s it.

I thought I’d start with a peek at what I’ve been doing. I recently moved, and finally set up my studio space the way I’ve always wanted. I am already on the path of productivity, and have a few projects going. Here’s a view:

I stole an idea from my friend Adrienne, and put my computer right behind my cutting mat. My desk, given to me by my friend Avalon, is giant and perfect for someone like me who works with a variety of materials. It’s large enough to cut fabric on, keep my sketchbook and other books, and still have my laptop right by. I also love having all of my fabric and yarn right next to me and in perfect sight. It’s easier to select my materials when they’re visible and organized.

Underneath I have paints, my sewing machine, various pads of various kinds of paper, and current works on canvas. To the right I have my mannequin bust, who currently is taking the role of sitting pretty, but will soon be used to host a dress I’m designing. In addition to my more serious super fine art or super design work, I’m doing some fun stuff.

It’s a little hard to see because of my camera phone quality photos (note to self, save up for a new digital), but I’m trying my hand at cross stitch needlepoint with a mini-kitty pattern, working on buying a couch to tie the room together, starting a gold foil lion engraving, and designing two new tattoos in memory of my grandfathers who died within the past year.

I’ve thought a lot about what makes a good studio space, looked at friends’ spots and pictures from great artists, and realized that most of all you need organization, materials readily available, and to surround yourself with inspiration and the things you love. For me, it also doesn’t hurt to have a cat and my book and movie collection nearby to keep productivity levels up. 

Fun fact: It took one and a half Lord of the Rings movies to set up my studio and living room area. I highly recommend watching all three in a row on a day you need to keep yourself in the house to work. Wanting to finish the story is great motivation!


Finally started the greatest thing ever.

May 19, 2009



Credit to Carla at No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo in Philadelphia

To be continued, in a month 😀

Tattoo, soon

April 18, 2009

These are the images my tattoo artist and I are using for inspiration.  The piece will be covering my whole back, with Smaug on a shoulder diagonal and above the Balrog.  The background will be using smoke to connect the images and intensify the color of the flames.