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I <3 TV a bit too much.

September 10, 2009

This is my television schedule next week:

9pm True Blood season finale
10pm new Mad Men

9pm Gossip Girl season premier

9pm new Melrose Place

9pm new Glee

9pm Bones season premier
10pm It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia season premier

It’s safe to say I will not be going out much, which is okay because I have no money.










Nerd Alert: Melrose Place is Back!

September 8, 2009

I seriously LOVE Melrose Place. The catfights, the pulling off of wigs, the bombs, the hookers..nothing gets better than an Aaron Spelling night time soap. The new CW version premiers tonight at nine, and while I’m kinda super scared of what they’ll do to it, I’m hoping for an all out ridiculous script that stays true to the original series. Let’s just pray that they bring back Heather Locklear as the eternal “special guest star”. In honor I’ve decided to post a plethora of my favorite clips. Enjoy my kittens, television hasn’t been this ludicrous and wonderful in a long time.