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We’re losing the stars

March 22, 2009


See Orion up there?  I like to think of him as a good friend.  No matter where I travel, I always will have him there at night looking down on me.  Because of light pollution we could be losing him.

According to United Nations, 2008 is the first year 3.3 billion people are living in cities.  Because of this congregation of people in small spaces the light pollution is getting worse than ever.  In order to research patterns of light pollution across the planet, GLOBE has organized GLOBE at Night, a week long observation of Orion from March 16th to the 28th.

From the GLOBE website: “Participants simply choose a clear night on which stars are visible, take measurements of stars in this portion of the sky using GLOBE’s Magnitude Charts, and enter observations into the GLOBE at Night Web site. Students — alongside teachers, parents and community members– amass a data set from which they can begin to explore the concept of light pollution and to research the patterns of light pollution across the globe.

You can enter your observations on the GLOBE at Night Report web page from 16 March – 7 April.”