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September 27, 2009




Nerd Alert:

September 1, 2009

Livejournal. The word makes people think of emo kids cutting themselves and crying about how their moms and dads won’t let them wear that sweet dog collar necklace they just bought at Hot Topic last week when their best friend’s older sister snuck them to the mall and they hung around outside smoking cigarettes and scowling at people.


In reality, Livejournal is a plethora of interesting people writing about everything and anything. Before blogs became the popular go to, I got hooked on lj communities, where people could post about whatever their topic of interest was in a forum full of interested readers. These communities are still popping up and thriving like crazy, even if all you twittermonkeys and blogheads pretend like they don’t exist.

Because Livejournal was the first website I really got hooked on, the one place I truly learned how the Internet works in all its mysterious ways, I thought it was about time to give it back some love. So here are some of my favorite communities, to show off the wonderful that is LJ.

Oh No They Didn’t


Take TMZ, every tabloid, every picture ever taken by the paparazzi, and over 50,000 readers, mix them up in one gigantic pot and you have Oh No They Didn’t. If there is a rumor to be told, a myth to be busted, or a picture of celebrities walking, you can be sure to find it here. With hundreds of posts every day, this one community has literally shut down multiple times, and come very close to making the internet itself explode. Yeah, it’s that good.



Nature does some incredible and amazing things, but it’s pretty hard to find all of this information in one place. That’s where WTF_Nature comes in. This community is all about the creepy, weird, unimaginable madness that nature has to offer, complete with explanations and pictures.



Yahoo Answers is a mecca for idiots and their unbelievable questions. yahoo_lulz sifts out the serious questions and puts all the hilarity in one place for your reading pleasure.

Foto Decadent

There are many photography communities on livejournal, but if you’re looking for a more professional and avant-garde collection of fashion photography this is the place to go. Updated regularly and with information on the photographer, models, source, etc.


When you’ve googled your heart out and yelp just isn’t working for you, don’t forget about Philly’s very own livejournal community. Snarky yet helpful, they’ll help you out and keep you in check.

There are so many LJ communities out there it’s too much to even comprehend, but I hope that I’ve exposed the fearful to a whole new world of possibilities. Remember, Livejournal has something for everyone.