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July 23, 2009

They said this city is like an onion

All these layers you can peel back

old city, south street, center city

South, west, north

to that little side street you call Home


Then you can picture the whole place in your head

Know how to feel about each one of these spots

Who lives there and how they feel


And why you can’t go to Those Corners

Because that’s the last time you saw them

And you knew it would be


Then you remember That Bar

Because you were in love there

And you made friends there

You don’t go that often

But those nights are always in your heart


This city is an onion, and these layers

Have been peeled back

cooked on cheesesteaks


You ate it up over and over

Sometimes you felt too full of it all

But it’s always delicious


Okay then, in case you were wondering.

June 15, 2009


I was at the beginning and the end
Reaching for something to remember this by
And left empty-handed

It was worth it to try
It was worth it to feel this now
Even though I’ll never have the chance again

Just know: it doesn’t count when I have to ask-
It wasn’t anyone, only one I didn’t want to know about this-
And I don’t regret